About us

The squash pirates were founded in autumn 2016 with the objective to establish a future-oriented squash club in the lake region of Bienne and Jura.

In collaboration with schools and with innovative forms of the game the we want to attract in particular young people and make initiatives to reach an equal participation of men and women.

The Squash Centre in Biel/Bienne is the home base of the squash pirates. The centre is shared with the local squash club BielBienne (SCBB). It is our aim to have a good relationship with this club. A liaison person was therefore appointed to coordinate all activities and issues.

With other clubs in the region we strive for a close cooperation in supporting the junior players and in organising tournaments and fun events.


Rolf Schwery

Vize-Präsident, Finanzen

Peter Steffen

Präsident, Spiko, Kontakt zum SCBB

Dieter Radoch


Hanspeter Vogel

Infrastruktur, Kontakt zum BASPO


Neil Wallace


Monika Haegle


Laurent Peronnet